Gin is very popular and the choice provided is amazing and the market is continuing to grow.  Everyone either drinks or wants to drink Gin. But there is confusion!  Botanicals in Gin coupled with botanicals in tonics are causing confusion. So what is ‘the perfect serve’ and why do I want to know?

Ladies and gentlemen – I present to you Gin&Mix.  

A convenient premium Ready to Drink Gin cocktail – made with small batch gin, perfectly matched with hand pressed fruits and roots to create your own ‘perfect serve’.   

It’s quirky and different and raises eyebrows wherever it goes thanks to its minimalist, ‘no fuss’ branding.

Our Range

Gin&Mix is produced in two very interesting and enjoyable flavours – allowing the drinker to find the perfect match of Gin with complimentary mixes. The mixes are natural with no additives or colourings. This makes the drinks Vegan friendly.

Gin & Mix Cinchona

A refreshing alternative to your traditional Gin and tonic. 

This fantastic flavour is infused with natural quinine from the Cinchona tree (nicknamed the fever tree) and masterfully blended to provide Sunshine in a bottle.

And the great news is, at only 61 calories per bottle – it’s kind on the hips.

Gin & Mix Citrus

A tantalizing effect on your taste buds – Our sunshine Gin provides a natural alternative to drinking gin. With a blend of Seasonal oranges, grapefruit and lemons – it is indeed the taste of summer. 

And at only 77 calories per serving – what more could one ask for!

Low Calories

With less than 80 calories per bottle, each one of these guilt-free treats will have you smiling in front of the mirror.


At only 4.0% abv per bottle, you won’t be feeling too many strong effects of a hangover the next day. That being said, remember to drink responsibly.

Real Fruit Juice

Made from 100% real fruit juice, each bottle is packed full of great, fresh, fruit flavour.

Vegan Friendly

Made from 100% real fruit juice, each bottle is packed full of great, fresh, fruit flavour.

Citrus Bottle

Craft Product

Small batch gin designed in a distillery outside Glasgow. Handcrafted with love and care.

No Fuss Product

A pre-mixed real-fruit flavoured gin cocktail that is ready to drink as soon as you open it. No waiting around for your barman to go and find some fresh limes to squeeze

Small and Portable

Carry them easily to a friends house to enjoy alongside dinner or put a few in your picnic basket…these small little bottles make a big impression whenever they are around.

A few years ago I decided that my tenure within the Corporate world had to end – so in those cold Scottish winter nights I wrote a business plan. Shortly after, Gin & Mix – a ready to serve gin cocktail, was created. 

Using my own Gin I have created the perfect match of complimentary mixes. 

I have been a Gin drinker for a number of years and enjoyed watching and tasting the new gins coming to market. Even the those who haven’t tasted gin want to drink it – but there is a confusion with botanicals and understanding ‘the perfect serve’?

Gin & Mix was created to help solve this problem. It is a convenient ready to serve Gin cocktail – small batch gin perfectly matched with hand pressed fruits and roots to create the perfect serve. A drink that is readily available – it can be served quickly at a bar or party or bought to be ready to drink at a bbq, picnic, whilst travelling (but not driving)) or on the beach.

Gin & Mix gives you the convenience of having a premium, product, handmade with care that is indeed the perfect mix of gin and premium complimentary sodas. With no additives or colouring we have made the product as natural as possible. It’s Vegan friendly and low in calories.

Yes. That’s correct. Only 61 calories in the Chincona, and 77 calories in the Citrus so you can have one or two guilt free!

Yes, 100%.

As that is a very subjective question, I would say that it’s definitely a valid alternative. A strong fruit flavour with undercurrents of a London dry is what awaits you in a Gin&Mix.

If you scroll back up the page to the stockists part of the website you will find a number of locations to get your hands on our product.

This is possibly the most frequently asked question, and the answer is, that depends on you; the consumer. The more people that like them,

 the more the range is likely to grow. That being said, we do have a seasonal flavour coming out, so make sure to get your hands on it while stocks last.

"I love how small the bottles are, easy to carry to a friends house and have with dinner, without feeling like you've drank too much. They taste great too!"
[ Viktoriia Chaudhry, Glasgow ]

Current stockists

Scottish Gantry

1 Stirling Arcade, Murray Pl, Stirling, FK8 1AX

Billingtons of Lenzie

114 Kirkintilloch Rd, Lenzie, G66 4LQ


199 Main Street, Uddingston, G71 7BP

House of Bruar

Pitagowan, Blair Atholl PH18 5TW


Main Street, LARGS, KA30 8AB

The Cup and Saucer

102-104 Ayr Rd, Glasgow

Grays Deli

305 Crow Rd, Glasgow G11 7BU


23 Sandyford Pl, Charing Cross, Glasgow G3 7NG


Carlisle Road, Hamilton, ML3 7UE

Canape Wines

85 Main Street, Bothwell, G71 8ER

Valhalla’s Goat

449 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G12 8HH

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